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The historic Galle Fort was established by the Portuguese in the C15th, and was completed by the Dutch 100 years later. The British came in the C18th, and in 1988 it was designated a World Heritage Site.

Galle Sri Lanka

The narrow streets of Galle Fort are lined with Dutch merchant villas, with pillared verandahs, carved doors and windows. Offices dating back to the Dutch and British periods are still in use today.
A stroll along the streets or along the ramparts offers the visitor a unique insight into a patchwork of bustling life - Buddhists, Tamils, Muslims and Europeans all living in harmony - commerce such as lace-makers and jewelers alongside tourists, and the ever present cricket match!
One of the great joys of the Fort is to visit the Ramparts around sunset, a popular activity for local and tourist alike.

Galle aerial

Galle town is best explored on foot, or by tuk tuk. It is a sprawling metropolis, with the exotic fruit market to the myriad of shops in Main Street, selling everything from sarees to televisions.

the exotic fruit market

historic Galle Fort





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